Insurance is a cost of doing business.

It’s a smart way to manage risk and limit financial exposure to unexpected losses but it can also be an area in which you feel you have no control over the costs. Traditionally, insurance companies base premiums on spreading out the risk over all of the insurers. That means companies with fewer losses pay for the companies with more losses.

WB Specialty Insurance offers a better way

What if you owned your own insurance company? You would have control over the costs of your insurance by selecting companies that manage their risk as you do. And you would benefit from the investment income that insurance companies earn on the cash reserves they are required to hold. 

The best part is you don't have to know how to run an insurance company to be an owner.

WB Specialty Insurance Services has an insurance model that allows you to control costs and have a say in the operation. It is called captive insurance.

Instead of a customer you are an owner with an equal vote.
    The captive only insures good risks
    Your premium is based on your company's loss experience
    Unused premium dollars are returned to members in the form of a dividend
    Captive participants earn investment income on the dollars in their loss fund

What is covered and how reliable is the Captive Consultant?

The Captive Consultant is selected by WB Specialty Insurance Services and has over 25 years experience. The insurance coverage offers:
    Workers Compensation
    General and Product Liability
    Commercial Auto

Ready to take control?

WB Specialty Insurance Services always looks for innovative and efficient ways to protect their clients. This captive insurance model may be exactly what your company needs. Join over 2200 other shareholders and start taking control of your insurance.

Please talk with a WB Specialty Insurance Services representative. This new concept can help lower your insurance premiums and put you in control of your insurance destiny. 

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